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Every project is different! This is why we offer a multitude of accessories for various applications:

from Milling Ends and Adapters to the Milling Bath and the Heating Bed to the Tool Length Sensor and the Enclosure.


For the extension of your CNC System we offer a wide variety of electronic components:


  • Switch-Box
  • Tool Length Sensor
  • LED Illuminaton
  • Switch Unit
  • and many more


With our software products we want to support you in realizing your ideas:


  • Vectric Cut 2D
  • Vectric VCarve
  • Desk Proto
  • and many more


We provide everything relating to the safe clamping of your workpieces:


  • Milling Bath
  • Circular Table
  • Tool Adapters
  • Clamping Set
  • and many more

Machine Enclosures

Our system accessories enable you to extend your CNC System and to ensure its safe operation:


  • Enclosures
  • Tool Racks
  • Drawers
  • and many more

Tool Accessories

In addition to consumable materials and tool holders we offer numerous little helpers that make your working with the CNC System even more convenient:


  • Tool Adapters
  • Tool Holders
  • and many more
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