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When you think of the term “German Engineered” you might think of high quality luxury and sports cars or perhaps the world’s most robust brands of construction equipment. No matter what specific type of product you attribute to a product that is German Engineered, one thing that is first in everyone’s mind is QUALITY and INNOVATION.  This is the foundation that STEPCRAFT was built on. Our mission from day one was to design and manufacture the world’s best line of CNC systems with features and functionality that keep us standing out from the crowd. 

What can be better than German-Engineered CNC system?  A German-Engineered system that is built and supported right here in America.  STEPCRAFT, Inc. is located in Torrington, CT and our sales, support and production teams are dedicated to delivering everything you would expect from German-Engineered products along with a level of quality and pride that you expect from an American company. 

Our close collaboration between our team in Germany and our team here in the USA, ensures that as new products come to market, that in addition to considering the needs of the global market, that specific needs of the American business and consumer are in the forefront.


Many times the term “German-Engineered” automatically makes the consumer think that a product is expensive and perhaps out of their league.  When it comes to STEPCRAFT this is the furthest from the truth. The manufacturing principles and processes in Germany along with close collaborations with local German manufacturers means that we can produce high quality components with aggressive control on pricing.  This allows STEPCRAFT to be very competitive from the hobby to the production-grade CNC market.


When STEPCRAFT came to the U.S. market, we did so with the dedication to offering our consumers and businesses a superior solution that they can afford, even if it is your first machine that you plan to use for hobby or perhaps to start a business of your own. You no longer have to settle for a cheaply made product with sub-par components to get a system that you can afford.   Buying the least expensive machine on the market will usually cost you much more in the long run when it comes time to buy parts, repairs and general aggravation. STEPCRAFT’S competitive pricing allows you to buy a better quality machine with superior support for, in many cases, only a few dollars more than a Chinese import machine. 


Building machines right here in our Torrington, CT office puts us in a better position to support you and help you maximize the potential of your STEPCRAFT system. When you contact support you are talking to the people that build, test and  use our machines every day. We have extensive knowledge on programming, operation and solutions for maximizing productivity on the machines and we love to share this and help our customers. You will always get a North American support technician to help you when you call.  You do not need to worry about language barriers or extensive time zone differences. Our expertise comes from knowing every facet of our CNC systems inside and out and this will become evident when you work with our team. You simply can not get this type of service, knowledge or support from a Chinese import machine or from a company that simply rebrands a system with their own name.


When you buy a STEPCRAFT CNC system you can be confident that you are buying not only the best machines possible but you are working with a company that stays on the cutting edge of innovation and is dedicated to supporting our customers to help them reach their goals.   You can also take pride in knowing you are buying from an American company, and helping to grow the American economy and workforce. We may be a German-based company but you will always be ordering and supporting our American subsidiary.

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